January 2023 – November 2023

About Afternic

Afternic is the largest reseller network for domain names. With a robust platform and a great reputation, Afternic has become a go-to destination for those looking to buy or sell premium domain names.

What have I done

For a year I have been working on multiple projects. The goal was to get the user experience of the Afternic platform to the level of Dan.com and to get more trust by the users. This was done by redesigning current features to meet higher expectations, introducing new features and by giving the front of site an entire new look and feel.

I have been working closely with front-end / back-end developers to assure quality, leveraging my expertise and identify and resolve technical and functional glitches.

My role

User Experience Designer

Interaction design, visual design, prototyping, testing

Projects I have worked on

Front of Site (FOS)

  • Redesign of the homepage and FAQ pages

Customer Area

  • Introduced Lease to Own (LTO) to Afternic
  • Domain verification
  • Percentage based floor price
  • Redesigned the settings pages
  • Create your own checkout link
  • Optimise and expand the portfolio


  • Add already existing designs to Figma

Introduced Lease to Own (LTO) to Afternic

Lease to Own is a payment option at Dan.com which is heavily used by their users. When GoDaddy acquired Dan.com, Lease to Own also needed to be introduced to Afternic. It was my task to work on the designs for this project. Together with a colleague, we have created the entire Lease to Own flow from A to Z.

Domain verification

When users add domains to their portfolio, they first need to verify that the domain that they are adding is theirs. They can do so by adding a TXT record or the Afternic Nameserver to the DNS settings of their domains. This is a new feature to Afternic and adds more trust to the user base.

Optimise and expand the portfolio

To improve the user experience in Afternic, I got the task of optimising and expanding the entire Afternic product. This included rethinking and redesigning entire pages and flows. Some examples of improvements I’ve made are:

  • Navigation and layout redesign
  • Add domains button is now in a primary spot
  • Add settings to change the table view
  • New layout when scrolling
  • Small and wide screen layout redesign

Redesign of the homepage and FAQ pages

The website of Afternic got very outdated. To gain more trust by existing users and to attract more new users, I got the task of giving the homepage and FAQ pages a redesign. The goal was to make it more playful just like the website of Dan.com. I reached this goal by using the corporate design system in a different way, by using custom made illustrations and also by approaching the copy in a more playful way.

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