August 2020 – November 2023

About is a marketplace for domain names based in The Netherlands. They are on a mission to make domain name trading available to everyone. Easy, fast and secure. And, most importantly: transparently.

What have I done

For over 2 years I have been working on multiple projects. My main focus was to expand the application with new features. Besides expanding, I also maintained, updated, renewed and optimized the Dan product.

In this journey I have been working closely with front-end / back-end developers and QA to assure quality, leveraging my expertise and identify and resolve technical and functional glitches.

My role

User Experience Designer

Interaction design, visual design, prototyping, testing

Projects I have worked on

Front of Site (FOS)

  • Redesign of the Buyer Control Panel
  • For Sale pages optimization
  • New For Sale page templates

Customer Area

  • Converted designs to mobile screen size
  • Domain detail page
  • Introduced and designed the domain category feature
  • Optimized settings pages
  • Expanded the domain transfer flow
  • Added filter options


  • Maintained and expanded the design system
  • Convert designs to auto layout
  • Cleaning up files and directory to easily find and access files

Converting designs to mobile screen size

When I joined the team there were close to 0 mobile designs of the application. Since domain name investors are always on the go, it was important to create mobile designs so that they can access from wherever they are. During this process I’ve focussed on creating a clear flow by adding accessible and touch screen friendly components.

Domain detail page

On this page the domain investor can see a more detailed view of a specific domain from their portfolio. They can edit the settings, set the price, view the sale activity and more. As this is one of the most used page in the application it was important to make it accessible so users can easily navigate through the settings.

Redesign of the Buyer Control Panel (BCP)

Together with the design team I have worked on a complete redesign of the Buyer Control Panel. This new version has new features to optimise the experience for buyers and sellers. In the BCP, buyers have full access to their payments & invoices. Also, buyers and sellers of domain names can communicate and negotiate with each other for new domain transactions.

Introduced and designed the domain category feature

When you are a domain investor with a lot of domains (lets say about 10.000 domain names) in your portfolio it will get hard to manage all of them. You can easily loose sight of a lot of your domain names. With the category feature, this will no longer be a problem. Investors can now create a category, add their domains and manage their portfolio more easily.

Maintaining and expanding the design system

When the application becomes bigger and bigger with every new feature that is added, it is important to create a design system to ensure a consistent visual and functional design across the entire platform. A design system also ensures a faster and easier creation of new features in the future.

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