November 2021 – January 2022

About Odido

Odido is the new name of T-Mobile The Netherlands. They rebranded in September of 2023. Odido is one of the largest providers for mobile, fiber and TV in The Netherlands.

My role

User Experience Designer

Interaction design, visual design, wireframing, prototyping, testing

What have I done

Before the rebranding to Odido, I’ve worked on a large project for T-Mobile The Netherlands. This project is a self service portal where users are able to add employees, choose their phone numbers, set huntgroups and connect them to each other. This way, when a phone number gets called by a customer, you can choose who’s phone is going to ring. This could just be one person but also a group of people at the same time. When this happens, the one who picks up first, gets to speak to the customer. For this project I’ve done research, wireframing, testing and visual design.

Wireframes and prototyping

I’ve created extensive wireframes to outline the flow of the product. During this period, I had multiple meetings with the head of product at T-Mobile to show my progress and get feedback.

After the wireframes were completed, I’ve created a prototype of the entire product and tested this prototype with multiple end-users. After testing I made adjustments to the wireframes to complete this chapter.

Mobile first

Mobile first was the main focus during this project. This is because during the user research I came to the conclusion that the users mostly use the T-Mobile services on their mobile phones as they are on the go.

When designing this product, I’ve focussed on creating every page on mobile first to maintain the user experience and when that was completed, moved on to the desktop designs.

The end result

Based on the wireframes, prototype and testing, I’ve created a complete product for mobile and desktop screens. In this product, users can now add employees, choose their phone numbers, connect them to each other and create huntgroups. Also users can setup and change all their huntgroup and phone and ringing settings.

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