September 2019 – February 2020

About (On)Bezorgd

(On)Bezorgd is a fictional app which I created for my graduation project at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Newspaper carriers can use this app to deliver newspapers in the early morning in a quicker and more efficient way.

My role

User Experience Designer

Concept, Research, Interaction design, visual design, prototyping, testing

Problem definition

I myself had a newspaper delivery job for many years. During this period, I encountered several problems. The biggest problem was the paper route list. This list contains all the addresses where you have to deliver. This paper list is very inconvenient during the bad Dutch weather. Think of rain, wind, cold, darkness etc. It was also very annoying when you had to deliver in a strange neighborhood. This took a lot of time. So I decided to design an app that solves these problems for my graduation project at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

Design challenge

‘How can I use a digital solution to simplify the work of a newspaper delivery person in such a way that the delivery person can deliver newspapers faster and more efficiently?’


During this project, I applied different (research) methods. In the roadmap below you can see how I started, what steps I took, what points came out of them and what I did next to arrive at my final product.

Sketching and testing

After gathering enough information and ideas, I started putting sketches on paper. I started working on the main user requirements first and, once these sketches were complete, tested them with my target audience. After testing, I created several iterations and of course tested them as well.

The end result

After making and testing all the sketches, I developed them into a full UX / UI design. In (On)Bezorgd, I used a dark mode because three quarters of the hours you deliver newspapers are in the dark. I then developed this design as a clickable prototype.

The prototype of (On)Bezorgd can be viewed in its entirety via the following button:


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