April 2019 – May 2019

About Pathé

Pathé is today the France’s number one film studio and the leading cinema network in continental Europe.

What have I done

For Pathé in The Netherlands I’ve designed a self-scan system to quickly order your snacks and drinks in the cinemas of Pathé. 

My role

User Experience Designer

Interaction design, visual design, flow research

Current Scan & Go problems

To give a proper redesign to Pathé’s Scan & Go systems, research must be done on the current system. This was also done extensively, just not by me. When I started this project, the previous designer had already done a lot of research. Therefore, I definitely took advantage of this.

Some key findings from the research are:

  • Uncertainty as to whether payment has been made;
  • Popup problems;
  • Numbers cannot be changed;
  • Interface is unclear;
  • Etc.

Design challenge

‘How can we improve Scan & Go so that this product becomes an asset to the theater instead of an eyesore for employees and so that no more money is lost because users can’t handle the interface.’


The research involved looking at the system’s interface, observing how users interact with the system, and conducting interviews with users and employees. It also looked at similar systems that other companies have in use.

Note that this research was already completed before I started working on this project.

Flow chart

An important point that came out of the research was that the flow the user travels in the system is not clear and awkward. By looking closely at the current flow, I modified it into a clear flow so that the user can properly and easily checkout his/her snack and drinks.

The end result

Based on all the research done and the flow chart, I created a redesign of the system. In this redesign, I made sure that the Pathé branding is clearly visible, all elements are clickable (with enough space) and that the focus points are in the right place. By thinking about this, the user flow remains clear and the user can easily navigate through the system.

The new Scan & Go in Pathé De Munt, Amsterdam

The updated Scan & Go is already in use at a number of Pathé cinemas. In the future, all Pathé cinemas will use it.

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