July 2021 – November 2021

About RegLab

RegLab offers legal firms digital tools dedicated to client onboarding, file approval and sanctions list monitoring.

My role

User Experience Designer

Interaction design, visual design, prototyping

What have I done

By law, RegLab needs to formally identify their clients by using a UBO form. Their current UBO form is a long list of questions which feels like a never ending form. I had the opportunity to redesign this form. The main focus of this redesign is to divide the form into multiple sections and to improve the user experience.

Before the redesign

The current RegLab UBO form is a long list of questions and information. When filling out the form, it feels like a never ending form. This results into clients not completing the form, making mistakes and is confusing with error handling.

Dividing the content into sections

To improve the user experience in the UBO form tool, I’ve divided the form in multiple sections. This way, users can easily see in which step they currently are in. It is now also easier to navigate back to a previous step if you need to edit information.

The end result

In the final redesign I’ve not only improved the navigation but also the entire user experience within all questions and information sections. This is done by improving the hierarchy and adding new sections to make the questions and information more clear.

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